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Upcoming Appraiser Training Events

Whether you are seeking to Train as a Medical Appraiser, book Refresher Training or participate in our FREE Lead Appraiser Quarterly Update Webinars – all of our upcoming Appraiser Training events are listed below. If you can’t find an event or a date to suit you, Join our Events Mailing List to receive notifications of our newly scheduled events.

If you wish to schedule group appraiser training for your team, it’s easy to get in touch with us to request a quote!

Medical Appraiser Update Training

Medical Appraiser: Refresher Training One-Day Webinar

Tuesday September 12th

One Day: 9:30 – 16.30
CPD Points: 7

Medical Appraiser Update Webinar FREE

FREE Medical Appraisers: Quarterly Update Webinar

Monday September 18th

One Hour: 20:15-21:15
CPD Points: 1

Train as a Medical Appraiser

New Appraiser Training: One-Day Webinar

Tuesday October 10th

One Hour: 09.30-16.30
CPD Points: 9

Medical Appraiser Update Webinar FREE

FREE Medical Appraisers: Quarterly Update Webinar

Monday December 4th 2023

One Hour: 20:15-21:15
CPD Points: 1

2024 Appraiser Training – Dates coming soon

Appraiser Training – Mentor Programme

An on-demand 1:1 Mentor Programme for all newly trained Medical Appraisers

This unique, practical online training enables newly trained Appraisers to build confidence and knowledge, by putting their newly acquired skills and understanding into practice in a real Appraisal situation with the support of an experienced MEDSU Appraiser Mentor.

The MEDSU Appraiser Training Mentor Programme has been developed to cover three key components to enable you to build confidence in your ability and understanding of the process and develop and implement your newly acquired skills.

Appraisal Observation & debrief

The trainee participates in a real appraisal meeting as an observer. They gain exposure to the entire appraisal process from beginning to end and engage in a reflective debrief afterwards with their mentor trainer.

Supervised Appraisal

The trainee conducts an appraisal with the roles reversed with their mentor who observes. A reflective debrief is conducted afterwards. The trainee gains experience completing all the documentation for Appraisal.

Documentation Quality Assurance

The documentation completed by the trainee is quality assured by MEDSU against the NHSE approved standardised audit tool, the ASPAT, with complete feedback to the trainee to enhance their further development.

1:1 Appraisal Coaching

Appraisal coaching is essentially for doctors who would like 1:1 support from an experienced Appraiser – to help you understand exactly what is expected of you in an appraisal and how this relates to your individual circumstance.

It may be of particular benefit to those having their first appraisal or for those with an unusual scope of practice or complexities that impact on the fulfillment of the basic requirements.

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