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We're leading the approach for a single, cohesive Medical Governance Community

We have developed a holistic governance solution to provide compliance teams and their medical workforce with a resource through which to work from any location at any time, across all healthcare organisations, creating a digital governance environment for the future.

Comprised of advanced web applications, and native hybrid iOS and Android Apps, the MEDSU platform provides a range of integrated modules to meet the needs of all medical professionals and healthcare organisations.

Suitable for all Designated Bodies, their RO’s, Lead Appraisers, Appraiser Networks and internal compliance teams. You can request a fully outsourced service or speak to us about our individual web-applications and support services unique to your own internal requirements. 

One complete Governance platform for all healthcare organisations.


  • Multi-User Access
  • No location constraints
  • Improved Engagement
  • Increased Security
  • Highly Scalable
  • Infinite Flexibility
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Reduced infrastructure costs

Looking for a powerful Appraisal Management System?

You can choose to keep your in-house panel of Appraisers to continue to oversee your doctors’ annual Appraisals under the supervision of your RO.

We will provide them with access to the Appraiser area of the MEDSU portal, assigning them oversight of their doctors to review their portfolios prior to commencing an online or face-to-face annual Appraisal meeting. Once the Appraisal meeting has concluded and sign-off has been completed by your Appraiser, the MEDSU system will generate a certificate and automatically archive the completed portfolio before opening next year’s Appraisal Portfolio for the doctors input.

360 Multisource Feedback Toolkit included


All MEDSU doctors gain access to our unique, GMC compliant MSF Toolkit to help them issue and collate required feedback from their patients and colleagues.

The toolkit dashboard provides a simple overview of progress to date. Doctors can issue surveys online or via email or paper format and they can export their summary results as a PDF to upload to their Portfolio with ease.


Helping your doctors prepare for their Appraisal at any time and from anywhere


The familiar MEDSU MAP functionality is readily available within the app, making it easy to navigate and enabling you to update any section of your portfolio whilst on the go, and by using your smartphone to update your portfolio, you can now take full advantage of the additional functionality your device offers including:

  • Fully integrated with Google Drive for ease of document upload
  • Take and upload photographs as supporting evidence with ease
  • Upload voice files
  • Integrated with other key smartphone applications

Your cloud-based portfolio saves automatically from each point of update when using your phone so that you can now access and update your MAP online from either your PC, laptop, tablet or phone.

*The MEDSU app is available to download for free to all MEDSU Annual Governance Subscribers.

“I’ve worked as an Appraiser for various organisations with most of the Appraisal systems out there. The MEDSU MAP system and mobile phone Apps are the best Ive used. It knocks the spots off the other so called leading IT providers out there.”

Dr Frank O’Kelly – Responsible Officer / Appraiser

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To enquire about a MEDSU solution or support service to suit your unique operational circumstances, contact us on 0207 183 9544, email us at [email protected] or use the form below.

If you wish to request a demonstration of our Portal or arrange free access for your Responsible Officer and Lead Appraiser to evaluate our system, please contact our Revalidation Manager: [email protected]

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