Support Services for Nurses & Midwives

As well as access our Appraisal Services and technology, advice and support is also available for NMC registrants experiencing any form of doubt or uncertainty.



Preparation for the three year cycle of Revalidation made easy through the sophisticated and intuitive Nurse MAP Appraisal


Flexible, supportive and convenient managed Appraisals to keep your nurses on track for Revalidation



Revalidation ready independent professional confirmer service removes any bias or conflict of interest

Support Services: Guidance & Assurance

Training + Education


  • A range of quality assurance and training programs
  • In house or webinar-based training for Nurse Appraisers and Confirmers
  • Quality assurance programs for your in house teams


Governance Expertise


  • Objective expert advice for employing organisations
  • Our panel of governance experts, including trained Case Investigators and Case Managers
  • Independent Case Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
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