A Quality Assured, Compliant and Complete Nurse Appraisal Service

A truly supportive approach to your Appraisal & Revalidation

Consistency and continuity are essential components of a successful approach to dealing with regulatory and compliance demands.


Our independent Appraisal process is robust and adheres to the NMC requirements in The Code for Appraisal and Revalidation.


Our service protects nurses and their registration, is free from any conflict of interest and is not vulnerable to any suggestion of bias.

Our independent Nurse Appraisers are available to provide annual appraisal meetings, reflective discussions and confirmation/revalidation services.

Appraisal Services for Nurses


A comprehensive professional revalidation manage


A secure online ePortfolio structured in accordance with NMC recommendations


A quality assured annual appraisal by convenient video-conference, support by a network of experienced appraisers.


Integrated online feedback toolkit – enabling you to collect and present required colleague and patient feedback easily in accordance with NMC guidelines


Support from our experienced trained revalidation administrators and a key point of contact


Freephone helpdesk and dedicated support email, accessible 9-5 Monday to Friday


Walk through user tours and video tutorials to assist with system familiarisation


Access to our iOS AND Android Apps for on-the-go updates

Nurse Appraisal

NMC registered nurses and midwives must receive an annual appraisal from an NMC Registered Nurse in a Senior Role.

MEDSU Nurse Appraisers have all received comprehensive Appraiser Training.

Nurse Reflection

Our network of registered NMC practitioners are trained to conduct Reflective Discussion meetings either during or separate to an Appraisal, to verify and validate written reflective accounts prior to Confirmation

Nurse Confirmers & Revalidation

We provide a Confirmation Service supporting nurses who do not have access to an appropriate person or Line Manager, offering continuity of relationship, independent of geographic location and spanning all work contexts throughout their career

Our Confirmers are all registered NMC senior nurses who can empathise with nursing staff, understand their employment situation, abilities, limitations and opportunities, making them best placed to review and verify a completed portfolio prior to revalidation submission.

Pre-Employment Clinical Interviews

For healthcare organisations, we also offer a network of senior clinicians who are trained to conduct pre-employment interviews and language checks for all healthcare practitioners in accordance with the requirements of the NHS Agency Supply Frameworks.

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