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The ground breaking MEDSU doctors appraisal system in the palm of your hand.


Features and Functionality you'll love.


Our advanced Android and iOS Apps ensure that the entire MEDSU ecosystem is at your fingertips and always with you – helping you to save time with your Appraisal preparation. Medical Governance, Quality Assurance and Continued Competence become a seamless stress free part of everyday practice.

A Complete Appraisal Portfolio


The MEDSU App provides a comprehensive doctors appraisal preparation solution for busy doctors including: All regulatory MAG-Compliant Sections, Appraisal Due Date, Revalidation Date, Appraiser Connection and Designated Body/RO Connection.

Familiar and Intuitive


An improved MAG format at your fingertips. Our unique cloud-based web-app allows you to update any Section of your Portfolio for doctors appraisal, easily tag relevant GMP domains and upload files as evidence straight from your phone. Your portfolio is safe and secure with smart version control and a robust auto-save feature so you never lose any important preparatory work again.

Unlimited File Uploads


With unlimited file uploads, you can record, capture and upload your doctors appraisal evidence with ease; whether you’re attending training, at a conference, at your place of work or even abroad. Your updates are synchronised automatically and backed up daily on our data servers.

Update your Portfolio instantaneously

Access your doctors Appraisal Portfolio at any time to capture and add essential evidence and information on the go.

Gather Feedback Conveniently

It’s easy to issue and record your Patient and Colleague feedback surveys through our App. With our 360 Toolkit included as standard, gathering your feedback and preparing reports for upload and reflection in preparation for a doctors appraisal, becomes painless.

Harness the power of MEDSU

Comprised of advanced web applications, and native hybrid iOS and Android Apps, the MEDSU Cloud platform provides a range of integrated modules to meet the needs of all medical professionals and healthcare organisations.

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Registration is easy – download our App to experience Appraisal the way it should be.
CCS GCloud Supplier ISO Accredited