Regulatory Compliance: Specialist Support Services for Organisations

Enabling you to meet the statutory requirements of all UK Healthcare Regulators

Ensuring your Regulatory Compliance with our wealth of accumulated knowledge + expertise

We use our governance expertise and extensive knowledge of healthcare regulation to alleviate our clients’ compliance burden so that they can focus on what they do best. 

Our team of experts provide tailored support services to many healthcare organisations, from individual clinics, private hospitals, social care providers and CCS Framework suppliers, through to larger public healthcare institutions.

MEDSU adopts a nuanced and individualised approach to deliver regulatory and compliance support, that accommodates and addresses the many variables required to build tailored and robust solutions.

We work with our client organisations to identify and understand their needs, structuring best fit programs of service and support to focus on what really matters and achieve the desired outcomes.

Our range of services includes regulatory support, mock inspection and audit, non-executive clinical governance, compliance infrastructure and cloud technology, ad-hoc project and consulting advice.

A complete and integrated system of services and products that empower and support our clients to meet their regulatory and compliance obligations.

Regulatory Support Services

Contact our team today to discuss your Healthcare Regulation Support requirements or to obtain a tailored service proposal.


Support services, products & solutions that meet your healthcare compliance needs.

Whatever your requirements, our knowledgeable team and innovative governance technology will help you meet your statutory obligations, drive transformation and quality culture in your organisation and achieve excellence.

*CQC NEW Single Assessment Framework*

The CQC are changing how they assess health and social care services across England.  They will transition to a new Single Assessment Framework which is expected to enter into force before the end of 2023. 

Are you ready for the NEW Single Assessment Framework ?

To find out how MEDSU’s regulatory compliance specialists can assist you with getting inspection-ready, visit CQC Services or contact our team via [email protected] or click here to request a call-back to discuss your needs. 


Initial Registration + Set-up

MEDSU can ensure that your initial set up and application proceeds efficiently and in a timely manner. Outsourced governance and regulatory support makes huge sense in terms of overall time and money cost, leaving you free to focus on the core business of your service. 

From pre-Application support and advice to preparation and submission of the application, MEDSU will support you throughout the process until registration is complete.

Mock Inspection & Clinical Audit

Don’t leave things to chance!

Pressure test your readiness with our mock inspection service to identify any areas of weakness. MEDSU offers best in class Independent mock audits of your organisation’s current level of compliance to identify areas of strengths and weaknesses.

Following the audit, we will report our findings outlining any areas of minor or major concerns along with a set of recommendations, to ensure your organisation can evidence the highest quality regulatory compliance.

Training for Registered Persons or Managers

Ensuring your key people are ready and prepared.

Tailored coaching services for key personnel to support competence and optimise performance..

We offer a range of qualified and experienced Regulatory Compliance coaches across the UK to support Practice Managers/Service Managers.

This service can be tailored to meet the Managers’ regulatory support needs, in line with the regulatory requirements, the healthcare services offered, and your organisational business strategy. Coaching support will also help your clinical managers develop their management skills to evidence best compliance practices, improve patients and staff experience, and the overall healthcare governance of your organisation.

Maintenance Package

Keeping your organisation on track.

Annual inspection and review, essential updates and access to expert support throughout the year.

MEDSU can provide you with an on-site inspection and furnish you with ongoing compliance support throughout the year, keeping you abreast of any regulatory updates, and ensuring your compliance operations remain first-rate.

Policies & Procedures

A solid foundation.

Our experienced policy authors and process mappers can furnish you with the core policies and procedures that your organisation needs to help you operationalise compliance by making it an integral part of your organisational business processes.

Complaints Management Framework

A comprehensive, independent complaint management framework that encompasses complaint handling, audit and quality assurance supported by our independent complaint resolution service. 

Impartial, objective & committed to adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements. Ensuring resolution based satisfactory responses to concerns and delivering insight and systemic perspective to continuously improve approaches to complaints.

Improving quality and protecting commercial credibility, providing outputs to grow staff knowledge to resolve complaints quickly & effectively.

Visit our Complaint Management Framework Service page or contact us on 0800 689 9434 or email [email protected] for further information.

Non-Executive Quality-Assurance Governance Program

Independent Oversight and Assurance

Programs of unbiased supportive  internal scrutiny and challenge delivered by our senior clinical  governance team.

MEDSU can put in place an initial program of governance review and quality assurance, helping you promote a culture of excellence in Governance management by way of:

a. Providing a friendly and supportive internal scrutiny/challenge mechanism  to help your organisation improve its governance and quality assurance

b. Evidencing a robust approach that will provide comfort and assurance to any external regulators and agencies (CQC NHSE), assist with gaining superior CQC ratings

Compliance Infrastructure

Effortless Airtight Compliance

Advanced compliance tech and on demand compliance administration enables you to track and manage every compliance requirement for your organisation and all your personnel.

We can support you with fully outsourced elements of Compliance

Our hybrid outsourcing model enables you to choose between a fully outsourced model, running things in house or a hybrid model selecting those elements of compliance you wish to run.

Embedded knowledge 

Policy and process is useless unless its embedded in the day to day practice and working culture of your organisation. We can assist you with developing a strong culture.

CSTF Mandatory Training for Healthcare

Meeting Framework Supply requirements for agency staff and NHS employers

Our accredited online Core Skills Training Framework CSTF Mandatory Training course ensures all healthcare professionals meet the statutory requirements of the NHS and private healthcare sector regulated professional Codes of Conduct. Our course supports health and social care professionals in achieving the standards set by regulatory bodies and in meeting organisational obligations.

Mandatory Training for Healthcare professionals covers all the legislative and regulatory requirements for all healthcare personnel to work safely and efficiently, as well as reducing the risk of litigation.

We are committed to keeping up to date with changes in relevant UK legislation, national directives and requirements on the mandatory training programme to ensure that it reflects changing legal, risk and service requirements.

Our Mandatory training package has been designed for new and experienced healthcare and social care workers who work in NHS hospitals, private hospitals and related settings, to meet the compulsory regulatory training requirements for all healthcare workers and can be used for induction or annual mandatory refresher training for all medical staff.

CSTF Mandatory Training Package Modules

Our online Mandatory Training package covers the following 11 modules:

  • CSTF Health and Safety and Welfare
  • CSTF Information Governance and Data Security
  • CSTF NHS Conflict Resolution, England
  • CSTF Equality, Diversity and Human Rights
  • CSTF Safeguarding Adults – Level 1 and 2
  • CSTF Safeguarding Children – Level 1 and 2
  • CSTF Preventing Radicalisation
  • CSTF Infection and Prevention Control – Level 1 and 2
  • CSTF Moving and Handling
  • CSTF Fire Safety
  • CSTF Resuscitation – Level 1 and 2
SEQOHS Occupational Health Screening


MEDSU offer your candidates timely, accurate and comprehensive screenings at market competitive prices- and with industry expertise on hand, we’ll be able to ensure your candidates are screened as they should be.

Our certificates offer fast clearance, accurate information & a comprehensive breakdown letter if your candidate needs extra support in the workplace, including an explanation from our OH clearance team on exactly how you’ll be able to facilitate candidates into the workplace along with a detailed screening process to protect you from clinical or framework queries.

Screening lasts for one year, and though initially paper based we are already working hard to automate clearance to make sure you get everything you need as quickly as possible because we know it’s vital that you can put staff to work seamlessly.



Are you sure your organisation is Safeguarding-compliant?

Our experienced clinicians offer a detailed compliance review of your organisation’s safeguarding policies and procedures against the CQC’s Regulation 13: Safeguarding.

This includes; examination of policies and procedures, discussions with the team to encourage reflective practice and a focus on lessons learned as well as a review of your training and safeguarding culture.

If appropriate, selected past organisational safeguarding cases can also be examined to offer improvement insights and to test compliance against policy and procedure.

Infection Control Planning

Whether you are an NHS body, an independent Clinic or a provider of adult social care services, the Health and Social Care Act 2008 (Regulated Activities) Regulations 2014: Reg 12, requires health service providers to prevent and control the spread of infection. Where the responsibility for care and treatment is shared, care planning must be timely to maintain people’s health, safety and welfare.

MEDSU can ensure that your organisation meets the Code of practice on the prevention and control of infections.

During our on-site inspection, our team will assess your organisation’s level of compliance with the Code of practice, review your existing policies and control measures (including COVID-19 infection control compliance) as well as your team’s roles and responsibilities, and provide you with the relevant guidance to ensure that your Premises and Equipment are safe for such use and used in a safe way. 

Better record keeping and accountability is instrumental in evidencing best practices with UK regulators such as the CQC.

Process Mapping

We can help your organisation in re-engineering its business processes.  After a thorough evaluation of your existing organisational processes, we can formulate an illustrative map outlining the inputs and the outputs and the steps required throughout the change process.

Data Security & GDPR Compliance

Whether it is the General Data Protection Regulation or the Data Security and Protection (DSP), MEDSU can assist your organisation in meeting the standards of those regulations and requirements. Our Compliance and Tech teams bring together their combined expertise to ensure that your information governance is in line with the current regulations and recommended practices.

MEDSU can help you carry out self-assessments of your compliance against the assertions and evidence contained within the DSP Toolkit(replaced the former IG Toolkit) to ensure you meet, among other, the National Data Guardian’s 10 data security standards.

Better record keeping and accountability is instrumental in evidencing best practices with UK regulators such as the CQC.

Practise Acquisition Appraisal

Whether you’re acquiring a small-sized clinic or a chain of healthcare service providers, our business experts at MEDSU can help you throughout the acquisition process.

From planning and due diligence, to closing and implementation of transitional activities our business and healthcare experts will deploy their combined expertise to ensure the viability of the acquisition project and its ease of implementation, whilst ensuring your organisational level of compliance remains high and fit for purpose.  

Contract Management
Tender & Bid Support

No matter which segment of healthcare you compete in or the size and complexity of the project, our MEDSU procurement and commercial experts can support you on every step of the way. Our bidding experts will help you formulate a solutions-based winning proposal, submitted ahead of deadline, making your organisation stand out from other competitors.    

Clinical Governance Support

MEDSU provides a comprehensive infrastructure of services and products to meet the healthcare Governance needs of your organisation, serving all main segments of the health and social care sector in the UK.   We are a UK Leader in healthcare governance Tech, and we offer the widest  range of healthcare Governance services throughout the United Kingdom, including provisions of Responsible Officers for Designated Bodies, Appraisal services for all healthcare professional groups, Training & Education, Regulatory compliance, Case investigations, Admin support, and Contract management and Tendering, to name but a few.  

All delivered under one roof and at unbeatable prices!

For more info visit our website www.medsu.info   or click the link below to get in touch with our customer services team.

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