The CQC’s new Single Assessment Framework

Are you Inspection Ready?

With the Single Assessment Framework roll out well under way, MEDSU’s CQC specialists can provide you with CQC Compliance support to facilitate effective preparation for inspection as well as on going quality improvement.

Our CQC Support Services include:

CQC Mock Inspections against the regulations

Gap analysis and mapping against the Quality Statement & Evidence Categories

Achieve Well-Led: Good Governance support according to your needs

1-2-1 and Group Training, Online or Onsite on CQC compliance

Registered Manager & Nominated Individual one to one Mentoring

Pathway to Outstanding under the new CQC Framework

We can provide tailor-made support according to your specific needs.

To find out how MEDSU’s regulatory compliance specialists can help you achieve inspection-ready status, contact our team via 0800 689 9434, email: [email protected] or click here to request a call back.


Evidence Collation


Effectively prepare your evidence for the Quality Statements and the CQC 6 new Evidence Categories in readiness for inspection and submission under the new Framework.

We offer a number of support packages ranging from hourly sessions to ongoing support programmes to help your staff effectively prepare good, quality evidence to facilitate a smooth upload to the CQC portal.

We have various support options available at competitive rates, with rapid and flexible engagement.

Contact us today for a 20-min Free Consultation and request a Quote.

  • We work in collaboration with the you, virtually or onsite.
  • Discuss and agree where evidence will sit and how best to access/present
  • Support you to match Evidence by Title to  Quality ‘We Statements’
  • Examine documentation against key regulations/high risk areas as part of a Mock Inspection
  • Provide a detailed Mock Inspection Report outlining strengths, areas for improvement and high risk/priority areas
  • Help you populate a Quality ‘We Statement’ electronically, matching evidence to each statement for future uploads
  • Offer secure, temporary access to electronic files via MEDSU’s GDPR compliant tech platform

Bespoke - One-2-One or Group Training sessions, Workshops and Webinars

An effective approach to train your clinical and managerial professionals with the new regulatory Framework, covering a number of topics including:

  • The new single assessment framework and how it may affect your organisation going forward 
  • Learn to evidence the ‘’WE’’ Statements and I Statements, with practical examples
  • The new Provider Portal and how to submit Evidence 
  • Well-Led: Good Governance under the new Framework   
  • Preparation for CQC Mock Inspections under the new Framework
  • Reflective exercises and tips for Success 

    Depending on the training format your staff can gain a CPD Certificate upon completion of the training.  This equally sits well with the CQC for demonstrating preparedness vis-a-vis the new Single Assessment Framework.  

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