Complaint Management Framework

A fuss free, cost-effective and time-efficient complete solution, supporting Health & Social Care organisations to continuously drive quality improvements and meet CQC Regulations.

Implement a quicker, simpler and more effective Complaint Management system.

MEDSU provides an independent complaint management framework, which includes documents and templates, encompassing complaints handling, audit and quality assurance, and an expert Complaint Resolution Service, all of which is impartial, objective & committed to adherence to CQC regulatory and compliance requirements.

Our Complaint Management Framework ensures resolution-based satisfactory responses to concerns and delivers insight and systemic perspective to continuously improve the approach to complaints; whilst cultivating quality, protecting your commercial credibility, and providing outputs to develop staff knowledge enabling them to resolve complaints quickly & effectively.

What does the MEDSU Complaint Management Framework include?


Complaints Management Policy

A fully compliant operational policy document ensuring you meet the regulatory requirements of CQC Regulations 16 & 20.

Complaints Management Process

Guidance and documents including management, resolution and reporting of complaints in line with CQC requirements

Internal Self-Audit Toolkit

A solution for checking and reporting internal adherence to the Complaint Management Policy and Process.

Audit Confirmation & Certification

External review and confirmation of Internal Self-Audit Toolkit and certification that Self-Audits have been verified.

Fully Supported with an On-Demand, Tiered Complaint Resolution Service

Our Framework also provides access to our professional expertise in mitigation, an independent Tiered Complaint Resolution Service for additional assistance when needing to escalate complaints for expert mediation/arbitration (*additional charges apply).


Easy to Implement

Our Complaint Management Framework is easy to implement and provides a comprehensive approach to complaint handling, audit and quality assurance, with expert support from day one, saving you time and money.

Complaint Management Framework
CQC Compliant Framework

Ensuring CQC Compliance

Our Framework meets the requirements of CQC Regulation 16 – Receiving and Acting on Complaints, and CQC Regulation 20 – Duty of Candour, ensuring your compliance with the CQC regulatory obligations, whilst driving continuous improvements and quality assurance.

Ready-to-use Resource Toolkit

Our templated resources and ancillary documents are ready for you to use immediately, to help you communicate, navigate and manage your complaints process with ease from day one. 

Complaints Management Templates and Documents
Complaints Management focus on improvement

Focus on Continual Improvement

Our Complaint Management Framework ensures resolution-based, satisfactory responses to concerns and delivers insight and a systemic perspective for your continuous improvement and approach to complaints.

Improving Quality & Commercial Credibility

Implementing MEDSU’s Complaint Management Framework improves the quality of your approach to complaints and protects your commercial credibility, providing outputs to increase staff knowledge and resolving complaints quickly & effectively.


Improves Credibility and Quality
Complaints Management Support

Tiered Complaint Resolution Service

Our Complaint Resolution Service is available if and when you have exhausted an internal approach and need to escalate a complaint for expert external support and remediation.


Complete Impartial, Objective & Defensible Solution

Our Complaint Management Framework provides an impartial, objective and defensible solution – that is committed to adherence to regulatory and compliance requirements.

Complaint Management Toolkit

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