HCPC Registration: Annual Appraisal Advice and Support

As well as providing the technology for appraisal preparations, we can also provide advice and personal support to help guide HCPC registrants through the process.


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professional governance

We provide a range of HCPC registration, regulatory-compliant technology and nuanced services to meet the specific requirements of your workforce and organisation.


Preparation for the two
year cycle of renewal
made easy through the
sophisticated and intuitive
HCPC MAP Appraisal


Flexible, supportive and
conveniently managed
Appraisals to prepare your
HCPC registrants for
renewal and audit



Independent professional appraisal report that can be forwarded to the HCPC Regulator in readiness for renewal.

HCPC Registration: Guidance & Assurance Services

Training + Education


  • A range of quality assurance and training programs
  • In house or webinar-based training for HCPC Registrants and Appraisers
  • Quality assurance programs for your in house teams


Governance Expertise


  • Objective expert advice for employing organisations
  • Our panel of governance experts, including trained Case Investigators and Case Managers
  • Independent Case Investigation
  • Root Cause Analysis
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