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Providing professional Governance Support, Technology and services to Doctors and Healthcare Organisations since 2011.

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We have been providing a comprehensive governance infrastructure and support services to healthcare organisations since 2011.

We have maintained our commitment to continuous quality improvement and innovation to meet the needs of healthcare professionals and organisations.

Read on to find out what sets us apart and why we are the partner of choice for professionals and organisations in the know.




MEDSU provides Independent Appraisals for healthcare professionals, supported by our infrastructure of expertise, technology, administration and education.




MEDSU has been managing and supporting programs of Revalidation and Relicensing since 2011, and provides a range of full and hybrid outsourcing solutions to facilitate this.



All Designated Bodies in the UK are required to appoint a Reponsible Officer to oversee their governance processes and medical systems for their employed or contracted practitioners.



From the biggest NHS Foundation Trusts, through cruise ship companies, staffing agencies, and small clinics employing one or two practitioners, MEDSU provides outsourced services and solutions to help Designated Bodies meet their statutory obligations.

Supporting and empowering healthcare professionals and organisations.

Ensuring patient safety, and driving quality improvement……since 2011.


Cutting edge tech that people love using.

MEDSU provides a sophisticated cloud based infrastructure for healthcare governance, with functionality and refinement that punches at the level of Google technology. Read on to find out why MEDSU  Governance tech is superior to the other offerings out there and how we help healthcare professionals and their organisations.

Digital Appraisal Portfolio


The MAP Appraisal system is the most advanced and user friendly electronic healthcare professional Appraisal Portfolio in the UK.

Find out why it is the preferred choice of healthcare professionals, experienced Appraisers and organisations in the know.

Relicensing Management System


The MAP Revalidation system is a comprehensive electronic portfolio and process workflow management system for healthcare professional Revalidation and Relicensing cycles.

It makes tracking and administering the Revalidation and relicensing macrocycles for healthcare professionals a breeze.

FTP Management System


MEDSU SACRIS is a unique system that supports patient safety and management of healthcare professional fitness to practise concerns and complaints.  It facilitates an omnichannel for the management of concerns, complaints and patient safety communications and workflows across teams, healthcare disciplines, organisations, agencies and even across regulatory jurisdictions.



These days, the functionality of key systems has to be available on mobile devices.

The MEDSU App is our mobile application for Android iOS devices ensures that the MEDSU ecosystem is available to everybody everywhere.

Find out why MEDSU’s approach to mobile technology is the right choice for organisations and healthcare professionals. Harnessing the power of mobile technology for patients, professionals and healthcare organisations alike.



A secure multi user access Medical Practitioner EPR – Electronic Practitioner Record, facilitating Medical Governance workflows and record keeping. Facilitation investigation, remediation and supervision.

Secure in-page video or voice calls can now be recorded and attached to governance documents and workflows, strengthening the integrity and consistency of your governance processes like never before.


Help and advice when you need it most

Implementing and maintaining healthcare governance processes and systems internally can be extremely demanding and distract from the direct delivery of patient care or other core business activities.


MEDSU provides a professional administration and support infrastructure including, ISO 9001 process management, quantitative audit, data reporting, NHS England inspection and review preparation, and helpdesk and remote support services for healthcare organisations and their professionals.

Find out more about how MEDSU’s efficient and comprehensive administration and support services help organisations and individuals stay on track.


CPD and Training Programs tailored to your needs

Training for Healthcare Professional Appraisers and assessors, Responsible Officers and Revalidation Assessors, Fitness to practise investigation, case management, remediation and supervision.



We deliver novel and engaging training to impart the right skills and mindset to these working in healthcare governance. And ongoing maintenance programs of refresher training, quality review and audit to ensure that your governance teams and systems continue to function optimally.

MEDSU runs regular CPD, training and networking events and conferences for the healthcare governance community.

Environmental and
Social Responsibility

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness”    

A Tale of Two Cities – Charles Dickens 1859

We live in a new Age of Enlightenment…astounding levels of progress have delivered benefits and freedoms hitherto unseen…..yet our impact on the planet has brought us to a precipice

Effective and responsible use of resources has never been more important. Humanity needs to achieve more with  less impact. MEDSU’s core commitment to an environmentally sustainable approach is good for patients, professionals and planet alike.


From Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it, read what some of our clients and doctor registrants have said:

“MEDSU have saved us countless hours, and therefore cost with their dedicated team and expert knowledge on Revalidation. They offer a full solution to all of our Revalidation requirements. We work as a team to overcome any and all challenges and they are a vital part of our recruitment process.”

Matthew Maple

Commercial Manager, TXM Healthcare

“At RIG we recognise the value in being able to support doctors with their own professional commitment to maintain their licence to practice.  We have chosen to align ourselves with MEDSU; a UK leading provider of appraisal, revalidation and RO services. 

MEDSU have worked with RIG Locums for a number of years now, and they provide excellent intuitive IT-led appraisal solutions, coupled with a highly trained support team.  We are confident you will find their services extremely supportive and good value.”

Rob Bryan

Managing Director, RIG Locums

“I am writing to express my deep gratitude to you for your tremendous help with my appraisal!  I have had a very negative attitude toward the entire governance process, but working with MEDSU has really helped me change my mind about appraisal and revalidation”

Dr Dax

“May I say that this has been the most thorough and complete appraisal I have had in my career, and has been a genuinely useful learning experience for which I am grateful. It’s been my first experience of appraisal outside of the NHS and will most definitely lead me to recommend MEDSU to colleagues.

Dr Clark

Student Health & Wellbeing Manager, University of London

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