Comprehensive New Medical Appraiser Training

Engaging and comprehensive training course for
doctors wishing to train as a new Medical Appraiser

Comprehensive New Medical Appraiser Training

Engaging and comprehensive training course for doctors wishing to train as a new Medical Appraiser




An engaging and comprehensive program for new Appraisers, developed by Appraisers and Responsible Officers, this hybrid course delivers effective and stimulating educational content, with emphasis on practical sessions to meet the needs of those training as new Appraisers and ensuring that you are skilled in accordance with legislative requirements.

This course is facilitated by a highly skilled Medical Appraiser with over 10 years experience who will advise you on the strategies and best practices that they employ at every Appraisal.


New Appraiser Training Objectives:
  • Have acquired detailed knowledge of how to conduct a Medical Appraisal
  • Know what is required of you as an Appraiser in terms of professionalism and documentation
  • Understand and be able to recognize when a doctor has provided sufficient supporting information for their Appraisal
  • Have been exposed to communication and coaching methods and techniques to facilitate reflective practice
  • Understand the more common difficulties that can arise in Medical appraisal and have an idea of how to handle these.
  • Have an approach to facilitating good PDP goals
  • Know how to sign off a Medical Appraisal correctly
Training Programme:
  1. Knowledge and Understanding: Appraisal and Revalidation
  2. Professional Responsibility: Introducing the Appraisal Meeting
  3. Communication Skills: Active Listening, Questioning Skills and Giving Feedback
  4. Group Exercise: Exploring Issues and Giving Feedback
  5. Professional Judgement: Supporting Information
  6. Group Exercise: Review of Supporting Information
  7. Communication Skills: Dealing with Difficult Medical Appraisals, Suspending the Appraisal, Probity for Appraisers, Appraising Doctors with GMC Conditions or Undertakings
  8. Group Exercise: Dealing with a Difficult Appraisal
  9. Professional Judgement: The Personal Development Plan
  10. Group Exercise: PDP Discussion
  11. Organisational Skills: The Appraisal Summary
  12. Group Exercise: Review of Appraisal Summaries
  13. Professional Judgement: Signing Off the Outputs of Appraisal
  14. Questions & Answer Session and Closing


One Day: 9:00 – 16.30
3 hours pre-course study
CPD Points: 9

Delegate Fee: £225.00

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It was a fantastic comprehensive course full of educational material.

I like the interactive sessions and discussion especially with the views
of the experts.
Dr Elameri

Really well organised programme. 

Very experienced Appraiser Trainer who clearly knew what he was speaking about.  Dr Varghese

Well operated. Good materials of value. Excellent mix of tools and attendees. Well worth attending and recommend to anyone interested in appraisal role. Dr Miller

Dr Frank O'Kelly

Course Facilitator

Dr O’Kelly qualified from National University Ireland Galway in 1989. In the UK he has been a Clinical Assistant in Accident and Emergency at Addenbrooke’s Hospital and Lead Physician with Nuffield Proactive Health in London.

He has worked in the private sector for 17 years as a Health Assessment Physician, Medico-Legal GP expert, Australian and New Zealand Immigration Medical Examiner and an Insurance Medical Examiner. He has been an appraiser since 2006 initially as Regional Medical Director London and East with Nuffield Proactive Health.

Dr O’Kelly trained as an independent Appraiser with Nuffield in 2007, with IDF in 2011 and with MIAD in 2015. He has been Appraising doctors in the private sector since 2011 and with MEDSU since 2015.

Dr O’Kelly is MEDSU’s Lead Appraiser.

“The sessions were instructive, interactive and educational. They have provided me with an understanding of medical appraisal. The use of personal experience by the course deliverer was highly appreciated.”

Dr Bassey Eyo

“A very useful and interesting course. The trainer was excellent, patient and communicated very well.”

Dr Kuti

“Improved clarity on the way that appraisal informs revalidation and how limited that is. Just starting to do appraisals so the practical aspects of how to approach these discussions very useful. Good course content eg. stem questions. Good use of scenarios to illustrate difficult scenarios.”

Dr Kinton